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Chances are you have great digital service ideas, but you may not have the in-house bandwidth nor process for ideating, designing, documenting and developing successful new digital solutions. We do. Our process ensures your product, service or AI innovation will be on solid strategic ground, inspire your intended audience, use the latest tech-stack and integrate with your current data and systems.

We Are your Application Strategy, Roadmap and Design experts...

Looking to plan, design and build your company’s new innovation idea? We guide you through our rapid, agile and proven process. Freshify leads your internal subject-matter experts through Digital (product or service) Innovation, or AI Innovation.

Start your digital.

we guide our partners through 4-steps...

1. Digital Service Strategy and RoadMaping.

Our Strategy and RoadMap process ensures rapid results. We workshop who, what, where and how the service will operate. We then roadmap modules, flows, functions, and feature sets.

You may have some great ideas, but you’ll need to make sure the service is carefully ideated for success. This process includes collaborative workshops to establish your strategy (target, competition, differentiation, business model, etc.) and a thorough RoadMap process to establish flows, modules, data, integrations and features for each version. We know of no better way to increase the odds of digital service success.

2. Multi-Experience Design

Your innovative digital service will require every screen be designed for every user type (actor), including internal software experiences (or dashboards) for employees.

Innovators need advanced, powerful and flexible digital platforms to look beautiful while using the latest UX libraries, logical and easy user flows and also let account for every type of user experience. Nothing can fall through the cracks. Freshify uses the latest UX, creative methods and trends to design the most beautiful digital solutions. This ensures the initiative is highly valued and accepted by the users. This process is logical, exhaustive, fun and results in a vast ‘asset library’ for development.

3. Pre-Development Prep

Now you'll need everything organized for Development.

Freshify then begins documenting every-single data field, function, and business requirement by module, experience, and sprint. Your dev teams will have everything they need… data plans, sprints and tickets, assets, business rules and QA requirements. We also advise on your tech stack options, integration services needed and project scheduling, dev-ops and cloud implementation as well. There is no better way (we know of) to set up a project for dev teams.

4. Launch and Support

Launch internally, on the Web, on Apple and Google... no problem. We know the tricks and traps.

If you need us, we are there… helping innovators plan roll outs. We advise staying away from the ‘big launch’ and instead, plan small, incremental rollouts. If you need us to assist in Dev-Ops, Apple and Google Store setup, 3rd party service or API integrations, Web and App servers, cloud infrastructure, or other technology, Freshify will jump in.


and if you like... Product Evolution

Freshify will work with your teams to plan future releases with new features and improvements to keep your business soaring.

We don’t advocate launching your digital service just once, we advocate launching it many times, slowly making it great, slowly building the user acceptanc you need. We guide clients through this process, collecting user feedback, researching competitors, and creating product roadmaps designed to keep customers and increase excitement in your product. Our partnership will become invaluable to you through ongoing product management.

  • Nicole
    "The experts at freshify designed a beautiful new app platform with features we believe will disrupt our industry. We are now on to the fundraising stage, and far beyond the valuation I expected!"
    Founder at 'Ask us'
  • Jeffrey M.
    "freshify showed us how we could build our own cloud platform and data using the latest technology. This allowed us to achieve a company valuation 5x more than we ever imagined."
    Jeffrey M.
    CEO at 'Ask us'
  • Mikey R.
    "The process with freshify has been super smooth, and their team is great. Our app is wonderful as is the Administrative website we now have to manage the entire business."
    Mikey R.
    CEO at 'Ask us'

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