Freshify is accepting applications from startups for 2023!

Typical incubators don't actually design or build anything for their startups... but Freshify, invests up to $160k in your business venture and researches your market, 'ideates' your product, designs it, builds it, launches, markets, supports it and even initiates your next funding round.

We eliminate the mistakes most founders make regarding corporate structure, product strategy, technology selection, partners, creative and UX design, marketing and fundraising. 

Our process and experience can triple your chances of success. 

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  1. Submit your application online, on or before November 1st, 2022. 
  2. We will invite founders to talk to us periodically through the fall of 2022.
  3. Interviews will be held in late October, November, or early December.
  4. You'll be invited to talk about your startup and what you've learned.
  5. We will send out notifications each month to the accepted and not-accepted applicants.
  6. If you are accepted, Yay! We can allocate as much as $160k for your startup. We will issue you a timeline, requirements and documentation for your review and signature.
  7. If you're not accepted, you still have a chance to partner with Freshify, and you'll be presented with different funding options.