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Corporate innovators typically have significant obstacles inhibiting their digital innovation. Time constraints, resource limitations and legacy technology are just a few of the issues in their way. So Freshify created a solution for corporations to quickly spin up a ‘skunkworks’ or ‘innovation lab’ to enable them to quickly move around these issues, and focus on their strengths to create market leading digital products

Why do 'SkunkWorks' or 'labs' work?

Corporations need budgets, procedures, niche employees, process and technology standards, and other protocols to operate. Yet, these are the very things that inhibit innovation. So how can corporations have the best of both worlds?

Plug-in experts who do this every day.

Startups zoom past established companies in the creation of new products because they do not have established structures, data, technology and procedures, slowing them down. Whereas, a corporation that frees themselves from these constraints by creating an outside team or 'Lab' can dramatically increase their likelihood for success over the startup. Create Multidisciplinary Expertise A 'Lab' model can provide a cross-functional and industry specific team of strategists, designers, engineers, and marketers who work collaboratively to create holistic, innovative solutions tailored to the project needs. And this happens much faster and more effectively than a corporation can achieve internally.

Benefit from Proven Methodologies

An experience plug-n-play or 'pop-up' team brings refined processes, best practices, and industry insights to maximize the likelihood of success and minimize risk in your digital product development journey.

Absorb the knowledge of the Innovation Team

As your company works with the 'pop-up' lab, infusing their own people, knowledge and new processes are learned, new technology is absorbed, and the corporation has the option to continue with the partnership or learn from and replicate from it.

Expand rapidly...

Or the corporation can expand the innovation Lab and team with more projects, more of it's own members or more of the out-sourced members. Either way, the corporation is rapidly improving, launching products and expanding their knowledge base.

Innovation LabS

Our Teams cover every stage of the digital product development process, from ideation to launch and beyond:

Strategy and Consulting

Align your digital product vision with your overall business objectives through market research, competitive analysis, and strategic planning.

Product Design and User Experience (UX)

Create engaging, user-centric designs that balance aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Software Development

Build robust, scalable, and secure digital solutions using cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

Digital Marketing and Growth

Drive user adoption, optimize conversion, and fuel growth with data-driven marketing strategies and tactics.

Ongoing Support and Iteration

Continuously refine and enhance your digital product through user feedback, market trends, and performance data analysis.

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